Kraig M. Schutter, B.S.,J.D.,L.L.M

Kraig is a dedicated professional with over 25 years of success in solving problems and representing clients in various labor and employment law concerns.  His “sub-specialties” include union avoidance, grievance arbitration, and employment policies development, as well as wage and hour matters, including state and federal prevailing wage compliance.



  • Master of the Laws in Labor Law, Wayne State University Law School


  • Juris Doctor, with emphasis in labor and employment law, Thomas M. Cooley Law School


  • Bachelor of Science in Education, Double Major (History/Social Science), Central Michigan University






  • All federal and state courts for the State of Michigan, including the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals


  • United States Supreme Court


Kraig discovered in college that he possessed an affinity for problem-solving and reasoned arguments.  A lifelong learner with strong conservative principles, he naturally gravitated to labor law for his life’s work.  While in law school, he excelled in labor and employment law, which prompted him to seek and obtain a Master of the Laws degree in Labor Law.  He puts his talents to good use consulting with and representing management-side clientele in all of their labor and employment concerns.

Career Highlights


  • Successfully handled union organizing campaigns against dozens of the nation’s most powerful unions, chalking up an impressive win rate


  • Represents many of the nation’s leading corporations before the National Labor Relations Board


  • Proven track record of success in various wage and hour cases before both federal and state Departments of Labor


  • Served as lead and co-counsel in public-policy litigation cases challenging the constitutionality of several anti-competitive and restrictive laws involving project labor agreements, prevailing wage, apprenticeship regulations, and discriminatory bidding


  • Frequent featured presenter at seminars and events for organizations, such as the National Labor Relations Board, Bernard Gottfried Labor Law Symposium, Valley Society of Human Resource Managers, Saginaw, Midland and Mt. Pleasant County Chambers of Commerce, and the Associated Builders and Contractors


  • Author of numerous published articles on labor and employment law


  • Graduate of the Great Lakes Bay Leadership Institute


  • Board Member and Officer for numerous civil organizations, including the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce (Chairman, Corporate Counsel), Valley Society of Human Resource Managers (President), Great Lakes Bay Economics Club (President), and the Great Lakes Bay Manufacturers’ Association
Legal Passion


“As a young man growing up in a middle-class family, I saw my father start two small businesses.  While he succeeded in growing his businesses, I observed firsthand the struggles he experienced – not only against established competitors, but against a burdensome and often overreaching federal and state regulatory system.  When I see our clients similarly ensnared in the intricate web of federal and state labor and employment laws, it triggers within me a deep-seated desire to assist, whether that assistance is in the form of expert consultation toward compliance or aggressive representation in defense of a claim.  Simply put, I am hardwired for assisting management clients in their labor and employment law problems and disputes.”


Hobbies and Interests


Kraig enjoys sports of all kinds.  Although his Joe Namath knees no longer allow for much basketball, he can be spotted on area golf courses.  Kraig loves to vacation with family and friends, and especially enjoys trips on his motorcycle.  He has ridden his Harley Davidson Fatboy throughout the country and has a penchant for riding in the mountains.  He has conquered the Black Hills, Rockies, Adirondacks, Catskills, Ouachita, Bighorn, Allegheny, Ozark, Beartooth, Blue Ridge, and Smoky Mountains.


When the motorcycle is not an option, Kraig enjoys sailing, snowmobiling, and scuba diving.  On one of his scuba adventures, he was bitten several times while diving with sharks (fortunately, only various reef fish were biting that day).


In his spare time, Kraig also enjoys studying history, political science, economics, and philosophy.  Life as he knows it would come to an end if the History, National Geographic, or Discovery channels were dropped from his cable package.