Labor & Employment Law Audit

Masud Labor Law

A labor and employment law audit provided by Masud Labor Law Group is a review of the client’s entire employment process. It begins with hiring practices and employment application, concluding with resignation and discharge procedures. Experience has shown that an audit is one of the few significant ways an employer can effectively avoid liability and reduce labor and employment costs. The old adage that, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, has great application in the area of labor and employment law.

During a labor and employment law audit, our attorneys come on-site to your location(s) to review your human resources materials, files, postings, policies, and practices for compliance with applicable labor and employment laws. We spend time beforehand to understand the organization’s goals and strategies so we can assist your human resources and labor relations department in partnering effectively to achieve those objections. We also interview managers involved in and affected by your labor relations and human resources policies for further insight on where compliance issues, if any, may exist and where change may be needed to help them run their business units more successfully. Recommendations are established based on the information gleaned, and summarized in a report form to review with you.

The process is multiple days in length. Our focus is to review established policies, procedures, documentation and practices, as well as to discuss with management and key members of your staff their activities that relate to human resources and labor relations. We supply a document collection worksheet for the process so you can gather the relevant data in advance. You will also decide the depth and contours of the audit in each area, and where you would especially like support. There are typically three phases to the labor and employment audit: 

  1. Summary report
  2. Comprehensive report     
  3. Implementation of corrective action

The summary report typically takes place at the end of the process. We have a meeting with Handbook Forms Summary LE Audit Service, your management team and any of your staff that you deem appropriate to review our general, high-level observations and recommendations concerning labor and employment law compliance. This also provides us with an opportunity to ask additional questions. The comprehensive report is based on the knowledge gained during the audit and contains our specific recommendations and observations concerning any corrective action to address deficiencies and compliance concerns. Implementation of a corrective action plan is accomplished pursuant to a specific timetable and based on our priority recommendations, as approved by you. Typically, corrective action involves adopting and/or revising written policies and practices, along with additional training, to comply with the ever-changing legal environment concerning labor and employment law.


Estimated fees for a labor and employment law audit are determined after further consultation with you and vary depending upon the amount of work involved once we review the actual assignment. 

In order to achieve continuous improvement, great organizations recognize the importance of monitoring policies and practices to reduce their level of risk and remain compliant with the labor and employment laws.

The audit process gives you an opportunity to protect your investment by examining what is working well and where improvements can be made in your organization.